Iceland with Primark Leisure Wear

 Normally if I need to get out for a loaf of bread or a few carton’s of milk, it can be akin to planning a round the world trip for 2….well in my head anyway. You spend as long getting ready to go as you do actually on the mission.…

This was a press trip provided by Primark to launch their new season Leisure and Swimwear.

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Low Food Miles for Me Please & Thank You Homebird

 I am a well travelled Irish bird. In former lives, I set down roots in Loughborough, Bangkok, Australia (well, kinda’…reality TV in a former life for 3 months…..I’ll maybe explain another time) & even as far flung as North Cork! I like to travel. However, I prefer if my food…

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Going from A to B with Kiddy UK car seat

Show me a parent who hasn’t almost ripped their hair out over what cars seat to purchase for their precious cargo and I’ll show you a liar! There is so much to consider and so many options out there that it almost would make your brain fry. From the type…

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The Great Wall of The Back Room with

Let’s set the scene: 1st born’s 1st year on Earth: “Oh would you look!! She’s smiling….quick get the camera ….quick…snap, snap, snap, snap….Oh maybe it wasn’t a smile but I got it!! *hangs immediately printed photos of windy baby on wall. “Right we’re off to my mother’s for dinner…’s her…

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This Momma is Going Back to School at Kinsale Gourmet Academy!

In an effort to up my steak game, I packed my bag (and camera!) and off I went to my first day back at school….. cookery school that is, in the Kinsale Gourmet Academy on the grounds of Ballinacurra House. To be honest I wasn’t that familiar with the school…

This is a sponsored post by The Kinsale Gourmet Academy.

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