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Spring forward, fall back….into bed!

Boo! I hope lots of you got to enjoy a lie in today. There was a time I relished the thought of an extra hour in bed one weekend a year. Well, truth be told, I still relish the thought but 9 month olds aren’t particularly interested in the daylight…

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Half Term Happiness

As I child I longed, willed and waited for the school holidays to come round. Now as an adult I still do……until they roll around. Then about 2 days in I long, will and wait for the school to fling open its doors again. Just kidding (kind of!!) but whether…

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The incident with the baby & the facecloth

Today I reached a new low. Yes there are all the jokes about the precious 1st child versus “reared in the backseat 2nd, 3rd or 4th child”. And my house is no different to the hundreds and thousands of others out there. Until today. Today we reached a new, unprecedented…

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BulletProof solution

3rd born descended into this world on Stephen’s night last year and to say that things have been a bit crazzzzzy in my life has been an understatement. Lying on my sofa wearing my brand spanking new Christmas maternity top for probably the 5th time in 7 days (at 39 weeks pregnant…

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Getting the sweat on!

Time is always a problem. And so is the lure of my sofa….television…iPad…..pile of washing (this one tends to be easier to ignore funnily enough). It’s so easy to find a reason not to go the gym. But the best advice I was ever given was this It came courtesy…

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