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BulletProof solution

3rd born descended into this world on Stephen’s night last year and to say that things have been a bit crazzzzzy in my life has been an understatement. Lying on my sofa wearing my brand spanking new Christmas maternity top for probably the 5th time in 7 days (at 39 weeks pregnant…

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Getting the sweat on!

Time is always a problem. And so is the lure of my sofa….television…iPad…..pile of washing (this one tends to be easier to ignore funnily enough). It’s so easy to find a reason not to go the gym. But the best advice I was ever given was this It came courtesy…

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Supermarket sweep

There’s little that beats a family trip to the supermarket these days. Oh how I love spending 45 minutes prepping to go and then returning to the house several hundred times to do wee’s, get forgotten coats, find Elsa’s cape, remember to bring the 3pm bottle and by then back in again…

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So Long Summer….eventually

  I love this quote. I find Autumn not only a sad time as we bid farewell to the long evenings spent as we wish but also a time for reflection and new beginnings. There is something about getting back into routines that awakens the need for something new in most…

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School Run – the other type of running I do!

  Lord GOD help me!!! I’m a beginner at this. I’ve just released my freshly made, brand new squeaky clean 5 year old into the world of primary school. BUT WHY DIDN’T ANYONE TELL ME HOW SOUL DESTROYING THE SCHOOL RUN WOULD BE! Four weeks in and we’ve been too early,…

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