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Pudding For Breakfast Anyone?

Breakfast in our house can be such a stressful time as it’s normally chaos. Leisurely would certainly not be a word I’d use to describe it but survival in the morning really depends on keeping things easy & being prepared as much as possible. I rarely skip breakfast as the…

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Brains in your head, Feet in your shoes…..

Welcome 2015! I hope you are prepared for many adventures ….. As I intend to have a few. And so there we have it. Christmas 2014. Done & dusted – just like that. Now I know strictly speaking it is not officially over but for most of us (certainly me)…

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Magical Tea for Magical Times

  I haven’t posted in the longest time. But as you are all well aware, this is such a busy time of year & I have literally not had a spare minute in weeks! My routines have gone out the window for now & life has literally become surviving day…

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New York!

    So good they said it twice, as old blue eyes sang.  I could write 1000 words all based on sayings about The Big Apple but for me the one that rings truest is ‘The City that Never Sleeps’. To say I was mesmerised is an understatement! This city…

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The great Christmas craft off

 A lazy weekend. A frosty lawn. A tired set of parents. And two little girls climbing the walls. “Hey, I have a great idea! Seeing as we got a new Christmas tree last year, why don’t we still put up the old one this year too but decorate it solely…

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