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The absent minded Yes

There is little more daunting at this point in our lives than that of the absent minded Yes. You know the scenario…you are driving & on the zillionth question about death, heaven or poo (because it is that random). It’s busy, cars everywhere & you hear ‘schlub bub bub Schlub…

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Sunday Paper’s 1st stop – Bargainville

  I love a bargain! As much as the next girl. And for the past 7 or 8 years my Sunday mornings have consisted of pretty much the same routine. Get up, shake off Saturday, make coffee and get the Sunday papers. Now in some houses there may be a…

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Working it out….

There was a time……many moons ago I should mention…..that I actually dressed up at the weekends! At that same time I quite literally spent ALL my money on clothes – but not just any type of clothing – no! Most specifically going out clothes and the mere mention of spending actual…

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For the Love of All things Chocolatey

  Anyone who knows me will know that I have a SEVERE WEAKNESS for dark chocolate. I grew up (much the same as everyone else) absolutely in love with the Cadbury’s Purple Snack. Oh wait …. was it a blue snack or a purple snack? Well that in itself could…

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The one about perception & storage….

Soooooo my last post got me in trouble……apparently there were a few trips to Ikea planned & executed following it. Let’s put it this way……the men weren’t happy. I can relate. Recently our marriage under-went a very serious test….. An experience that I am sure very many of you can…

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