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Love & other playground complications

Is it Friday yet? No? Well it certainly feels it round my neck of the woods. 1st born has us in despair. We assumed or is it presumed (either way who cares…..they are both apparently the mother to all freak outs) that we would get at least 12 good years…

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Time to get my (game face) On

    This week I got extremely brave and jumped on the bob train and snipped another few inches off my hair. It’s so much easier now. On the other hand it does require a bit of styling and is too short to throw back in pony tail – a…

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Story Making Fun with Kinder Storymakers

So it’s one of those days and you are watching the rain lash off the windows outside and wondering why you didn’t have the giant tree that’s now dangerously close to falling on the house chopped down. The kids are climbing the walls & not even letting you finish a…

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The absent minded Yes

There is little more daunting at this point in our lives than that of the absent minded Yes. You know the scenario…you are driving & on the zillionth question about death, heaven or poo (because it is that random). It’s busy, cars everywhere & you hear ‘schlub bub bub Schlub…

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Sunday Paper’s 1st stop – Bargainville

  I love a bargain! As much as the next girl. And for the past 7 or 8 years my Sunday mornings have consisted of pretty much the same routine. Get up, shake off Saturday, make coffee and get the Sunday papers. Now in some houses there may be a…

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