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Top Summer Packing Tips with Otterbox

“Let’s getaway for the weekend” I said. “It’ll be great! We’ll just chuck a few things into a bag and off we go” 2 full days of packing, 3 near divorce incidents, one husband disappearing for a haircut just as you are about to pull out of the driveway and…

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Blueberry Blast for Bad Boys (And Girls)

It’s normally about this time of year that the contents of my garage start to spill out onto my lawn. An Irish Pandora’s box of sorts….dragged from its winter slumber, dusted off and dumped into the paddling pool for a quick wash by those under the legal driving age who…

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Asian Mussels to bring back Memories with Bord Bia

  You may not know this about me but I spent a year of my life living in Bangkok. Right in the middle of the central business district…….an area probably more commonly known to visitors as Patpong market. There wasn’t a knock-off handbag that went in or out of that…

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Quick Creamy Cider Mussels with Bord Bia

NewsFlash! My husband isn’t the only living thing with a beard that I love. Although he doesn’t use his to attach to rocky shore lines, he has been known to be fairly sedentary during periods of his life – similar to the blue mussel.  Do you know a mussels beard…

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Top Tips for Staying Safe Online as a Family

Here’s a little known few facts about me. I have ostrich tendencies. Yes indeed you did read that correctly. And whilst I don’t necessarily hit speeds of up to 70km per hour we are similar in the fact that I cannot fly, but boy can I run. Just slower. Much…

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