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Walking away from Autumn with Marks & Spencer

  Just like that it’s time to stow away the ghosts & ghouls for another year. If you are quick there may be a small window of opportunity left to make a pumpkin pie or soup…..if you can find one! But I wouldn’t count on it. Autumn was all about crunching…

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Creamy Cashew Nut Hot Chocolate

There comes that moment every night when the madness has passed. Pj’s are on, teeth are minty, fresh and clean. Head’s on pillows with the days adventures playing out whilst another day draws to a close. It sounds idillyic, doesn’t it? In reality, you slump down onto the sofa, feeling…

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Salted Caramel Chocolate Cups for the win.

There’s this little voice inside my head all of the time. It’s a good thing – it guides me through life, reminding me when the going gets tough that this will pass. Sometimes it’s a bad thing, I must admit. Telling me that I’m falling behind or pointing out any potential…

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How we are faring with Marks and Spencer back to school.

When hubster and I got engaged in 2006 my parents bought us a washing machine as a gift. It was my Mum’s version of history repeating itself as her Mum had bought her a fridge for their engagement. Ye may giggle – I’m sure I did at the time but…

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Great Chocolate Quinoa Granola for the Grizzly Risers

“What you see before you, my friend, is the result of a lifetime of chocolate.” Katharine Hepburn couldn’t have put it better really. There are lots of sacrifices that need to made in life. However chocolate is not one of them in my opinion. Everything in moderation, as I always say.…

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