Bathtime & other tales of Woe: My Baby Swimmer Review


By definition in The Cambridge Dictionary this is the ​time at which a ​child has a ​bath, or the ​activity of having a ​bath.


By definition in same said dictionary this is the ​situation in which a lot of things are ​happening or ​people are ​moving around.

Oh hell yea! This sounds just about right in our house. Batten down the hatch’s, have the lifeguard on stand-by, send reinforcements, we are going to advance, & hold onto your knickers. It’s time for the weekly tsunami in my upstairs bathroom!!


Oh ha ha I hear you chuckle – there’s a typo – she wrote weekly. Nah, no, negative ghost rider – not a typo. Whilst 1st born was bathed to within an inch of her life (my mother still sniggers at me “asking her permission” to massage cream into her tubby little legs post bath, as per massage therapists instructions*) & 2nd born’s 1st year pretty much followed suit, 4th born is lucky if he gets a quick dip on a weekly basis.

*1st born’s legs – not my mothers!! They are long & slim & we are not that tactile.

IMG_2428 (1)

Scrummdiddlyumptious #rolls

This is mostly due to how worldly weary I have become by 5:30pm & also how ACTIVE 3rd born is in the bath. It’s as if water is some sort of magical syrup that sends him into mild psychotic overdrive, which subsequently results in him incessantly dumping water on, over, under, between and at anything at all that moves within a 1 mile radius of the tub.

4th would not have a hope. This is about survival.

Here Moma I show you my schwimmmmmmmming *cue 3rd born thrashing like a beached whale washed up in our local strand or another equally unsuitable habitat.

Here Moma I dwink it *cue 3rd born emptying the contents of Barbie Mermaid Princess’s habitat (i.e some sort of shell) down his throat. I can only work on the assumption he has previously wee’d in said water.

Here Moma I wash my belly *cue my bathroom resembling the Student Union at 1am following the Fresher’s week foam party.

So weekly & special occasions it is. (Special occasions include garden excavation, painting & all chocolate related activity).

The result of this sporadic bathing routine? 4th born hates the bath! Let’s face it though – you would too if you were him. Imagine sitting in a jacuzzi with a tractor engine running beneath it’s surface and a workman with a jackhammer driving it whilst simultanesouly drilling the very road he is driving on……just at the base of your feet. Relatively it’s the same thing.

So when I got the opportunity to try out the Baby Swimmer I thought why not? The Baby Swimmer is for everyday bathing of babies & toddlers. It is an bathing aid that allows parents to bath their babies without the need to hold them in uncomfortable positions.

IMG_1837 (1)

“You see my mum has this blog thing……and THIS is what happens!!!”

We did have a giggle the it arrived & I can’t stop short of saying that it did make him look like a giant green sunflower. But he didn’t seem to mind! Or maybe he just didn’t notice.

Once we had gotten over the initial giggling and tried it in the bath I was really pleasantly surprised. It really does work! 4th born got to relax & I did not have to do my usual contortionist impressions at the baths edge in order to prevent submersion. He felt safe with one hand lightly under him & I was confident enough to reach for the sponge and give him a proper scrub.

That was until 3rd born decided to arrive head first in on top of us. Face plant into the bath. Nothing to see here folks…..all under control. And once again I was left contemplating the merits of the shower. But at least his time he dive bombed in without any clothes on…….last week it was a return visit to the bath in his fresh pjs. Joy.


The Baby Swimmer is a useful little bathing aid if you are going to be putting your baby into the family bath. It does look funny – but it also does work!

Your’s, delighted that bath time is over until next Sunday night,

Cli xx






  1. February 29, 2016 / 2:01 am

    My oldest will be in 3rd grade and my mlidde child (son) starts Kindergarten this fall too ALL DAY! They changed it after my oldest went to Kindergarten. 1/2 was great it really got me transitioned as a mom for my child to start school daily. But ALL DAY? I think this will also take me some getting used to.HINT: Pack lunches the night before buy GoGurts freeze them and when you pack them the night before, by the time they get to the school cafeteria for lunch they are unfrozen but still cold. (I know very random to add this to my comment but someone told me about this when my daughter started eating lunch at school and I LOVED the advice LOL)

    • March 17, 2016 / 9:16 pm

      Hi OMG what a genius trick!! I never ever thought of it but I will do for sure – thanks!!!!! x

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