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Nut so Naughty Chocolate Nutbutter

It’s a little embarrassing calling this a recipe. It’s almost too simple to merit the title. However because of the week that’s in it I felt it was worth popping up here. It’s not often you get Valentines Day and Pancake Tuesday side by side…….if that’s not enough to merit…

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At your Leisure with Primark.

It’s OFFICIAL!!!!!! Spring has sprung!! Mother Nature kept a good one for February 1st 2018, that’s for sure. The mornings are certainly getting brighter and the evenings are giving us a glimpse of change. Yes we are witnessing the STRETCH! With the stretch comes more time in the great outdoors,…

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Snack Differently with Snack a Jacks & Oven Baked Walkers

High Five all round everyone – we did it!! We survived January. Possibly the dreariest, least exciting time of the year….or is it? Maybe it’s just a frame of mind and January has been getting a bad rap all these years needlessly. Maybe January should be celebrated for what it…

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Iceland with Primark Leisure Wear

 Normally if I need to get out for a loaf of bread or a few carton’s of milk, it can be akin to planning a round the world trip for 2….well in my head anyway. You spend as long getting ready to go as you do actually on the mission.…

This was a press trip provided by Primark to launch their new season Leisure and Swimwear.

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Low Food Miles for Me Please & Thank You Homebird

 I am a well travelled Irish bird. In former lives, I set down roots in Loughborough, Bangkok, Australia (well, kinda’…reality TV in a former life for 3 months…..I’ll maybe explain another time) & even as far flung as North Cork! I like to travel. However, I prefer if my food…

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