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No ordinary Porridge for an Ordinary Morning

Porridge – the 7th member of my family. However some members of the family are somewhat falling out of love with it in phases. What to do??!!! It’s somewhere between dawn & “Holy Crap where are the gum-shields we’re late” on a wintery Saturday morning. She swans into the kitchen,…

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Pulled Pork for the Merry & the Busy

The silly season is upon us. Time for reflection, peace, joy, love and a whole lotta’ dashing around like a headless chicken. If I have to go back & battle the 1 hour que in and out of the local retail park to buy yet another pack of AA batteries…

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Stocking Fillers with Otterbox

It’s that time of year when I hand my bank card over to a cashier I do so with a guilty look on my face. You know the one where you look like you are contemplating stealing something – although you would never dream of actually doing such a thing!! You…

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Super Stew for the Super busy

First let me set the scene. When: 1:23pm or 2:23pm or 5:23pm… any pick up really! Where: Outside the school gates…..further away than you wanted to be as you got here late and missed the prime parking positions. Ok, ok so this means technically you are not outside the school…

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A little Crafty Paint Free Goings On…. Ghosts in the forest!

The bank holiday blues have surely set in by now? Long weekends do that to you. A double-edged sword if truth be told. You spend 6 weeks from the end of summer looking forward to it and by the end of day 2 the kids are BEGGING you to spend…

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