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The great Christmas craft off

 A lazy weekend. A frosty lawn. A tired set of parents. And two little girls climbing the walls. “Hey, I have a great idea! Seeing as we got a new Christmas tree last year, why don’t we still put up the old one this year too but decorate it solely…

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The baby & the bowl.

1st & 2nd born are girls. We lived in a pink, plastic filled, Mattel coloured world. We had tea parties with plastic sandwiches dressed in princess costumes. We wore tutu’s from dawn til dusk & aspired to wear lipstick & live in a tower. I’m not saying any of these…

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A new Chapter

Work is looming tomorrow after nearly 12 months of maternity leave. I am a basket case! I’m not worried about the work part of the situation (as any parent knows – it’s nearly a break from the kids. Oh bad parent personified here!!!) but I am just worried about fitting…

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Garmin Cheer!

Christmas is coming and the geese are getting fat, please put a Winning lotto ticket in Cliona’s…………Yes it is that time again (already??!!!) & we are all gearing up for the most wonderful time of the year! I am a self confessed shopaholic….so Christmas, for me, is quite literally the…

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If you can’t be better than your competition, just dress better

 Thank you Anna Wintour for such words of wisdom – a stealth of knowledge & unattainable glamour. For years I DESPISED spending money on anything but going out clothes. Obviously over the last decade my life and my style has changed immeasurably and now I realise that it is actually better…

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