Who the??? What the???? Eh hello? Is there a typo here? Zoats? Surely someone is having a laugh here. Alack and Alas no I kid you not. Zoats is actually a real thing! A real tasty thing, at that. But what are these things of which I speak (and of which my auto-correct keeps changing to Boats!) Zoats are quite simply oats combined with courgette. What??!!! I hear you cry. Why? Just why would you do that? Vegetables in your porridge?!!!! But it’s really no different from spinach or kale in your juice. And now that seem’s normal. Right? The courgette adds fibre to your meal… View Post

I sometimes think I am half woman, half sniffer dog. I kid you not. Since I became pregnant for the first time nigh on 7 and a half years ago I have developed the most extraordinary sense of smell. I, for one, have the aptitude to sniff out a stale cigarette from 500 feet. Woe & behold any gym socks squirrelled away unwashed in a gym bag within 1 mile radius of the house. I just come over all Liam Neeson on them: “Hey Socks, I don’t know who you are. I don’t know what you want. I do have are a very particular set of skills,… View Post

The ice-cream van is much maligned in this house. A little piece of me dies every time I hear the familiar, gut-wrenching jingle. It normally signals begging, pleading, imploring and general freaking out from the under 5 footers & it also normally occurs at either dinner or bedtime. I, of course, have told a plethora of lies with regards to the mobile frozen cow-juice and sugar van                     & my kids are now convinced that “ice-cream van” ice-cream is a thing of disdain and disgust (well, apart from 3rd born……but he eats ants & sea slugs… View Post

Last Friday morning was going pretty well, all things considered. Recapping my week as I stuffed the remainder of a packet of ham into 1st born’s wholemeal sandwich (standard – half girl, half salty pork at this point) I had kept everyone alive, not been in trouble with the law nor had I lost anyone. In all, this was what I would call winning in terms of the current MomLife situation. You take the wins when you can and in whatever form they present themselves these days. What was once a small inconsequential victory now leaves you with a sense of achievement & euphoria similar… View Post

I sit staring at my phone. With a feeling of mild trepidation, fear and worry. No I’m not willing it to ring……sitting solemnly waiting for that call that will deliver some life altering news and send me in a trajectory unheard of and unknown to the likes of ordinary me. No I worry because it’s sitting in a pool of melting ice-cream. An ice-cream momentarily forgotten by 3rd born, mostly likely because he has received a call regarding a fire that needs to be extinguished at the other side of the garden or maybe even a cat stuck up a tree. Who knows? These plastic… View Post